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Home DIY Class 

Class overview 

This is a One Day Class, for pet owners to bring their own dogs and learn how to groom them Safley in the comfort of their own home, 100% hands on this course is designed  for pet owners or those looking at having a trial day before setting the Professional Course"

What you get

- Small group personal group 

- All tools, Products & equipment supplied 

- Groomers Academy Advanced stylist, Taught by Shayla Knipe

What will you learn 

- Learn how to Correctly Bath 

- Products & Treatments 

- High Velocity & fluff drying 

- General Health of your dog 

- Brushing & Dematting 

- Tools, clippers, Blades & Scissors 

- General care and Maintenace of your equipment

- Risks involved, General health & safety of grooming at home

- Clipping & Scissoring 

- Nail and eye care 

- Where to purchase your tools 

 Plus much more 


Home DIY Class

Professional Beginner Groomer Course 


Course Overview 

Choice of 2 weeks Full time or 4 Weeks Part Time 

Our Intensive Professional Beginners course is designed for those wanting to become a Professional Pet Groomer, this is an entry level of education and will allow you to walk directly into employment as a beginner groomer or start your own Pet Grooming business.

What you get  

- 100% hands on training in a working salon 

- Part time 4weeks or Full Time 2 weeks of intensive training 

- Opportunity of Work placement after graduation in a salons across Australia

- Taught by Groomers Academy Advanced team Plus One on one Mentoring with Shayla Knipe  

What you will learn 

- Salon & Mobile OH&S

-Basic Pet First Aid 

- Breed Groups & Coat types 

- Tools & Procedures Shampoos, conditioners and coat treatments 

- Animal Handling & Psychology 

-Importance of Prep work and foundations 

- Double and short coated desheds 

-High velocity Vs Fluff drying 

-Nail Care 

- Ear & eye Care 

- Add ons & Upselling 

- Hygiene trimming 

-Danger points and risks when grooming 

-Clippers, blades & Maintenace

-Body Clipping  

- Fitting your scissors & Scissor drills 

- Straight, thinners, blenders, chunckers & curves 

- Body blades, intricates and comb attachment 

- European & Western face styles 

- Fusion Trends 

Plus much more 


Beginner Groomers Course

Advanced Styling course 

Course overview

For those groomers with a min of 12months of salon experience 

This 4day course is structured for Professional groomers to take the next step into Professional Canine Styling, competitive Styling & Business succsess.

Suited for Intermediate - Master Groomers 

What you get  

- One on One mentoring with Shayla Knipe

- All tools & Equipment & Dogs supplied  

- TOP SELLING Daily Reconciliation book to take home 

What you learn 

- Perfecting Prep & Presentation 

 Scissor Skills with Poodles, Bichons & Kerry Bue Terriers 

- Hand stripping & Carding with Terriers and Gundogs 

- Breed Profile & conformation Styling 

- Understanding breed standards 

- Asian Fusion Trends & Creative Styling 

- Grooming Business, Growth, Employment & sales 

Plus So Much More 

Advanced Stylists Course

One On One Mentorship 

What will you get 

- 12 months of personal coaching with Shayla Knipe

- Four full days, One-on-one in person training & Salon makeover by Shayla Knipe 

-- Monthly coaching sessions by Shayla                                                                                            

- VIP events & networking 

- One guest invitation with Shayla and her team with her personal Empire Coach 

- VIP invites to any Groomers Academy event Australia wide plus discounted guest tickets 



12 month plan 

Monthly Direct Debit